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Online shopping is something many people enjoy immensely, since you don’t have to get dressed up and get out of the house, and you can do it at 3 AM if you want to. Plus, there are some amazing sales, bargains, and discounts that you can take advantage of on the Web from your favorite brick and mortar stores as well as stores that exist solely on the Internet.

Be welcome to choose between the shopping Categories below for your own inspiration where you hopefully can find some exciting goods and offers from our Online Shopping Marketplace

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A Palsson, Founder of Scandinavia – a way to go …

Let’s face it, as example booking your air travel isn’t easy and can be quite confusing, as you’re searching through hundreds of cheap flight offers thrown at your feet by the multitude of airlines and agencies competing for your wallet. You’re often left with the feeling that there may have been a cheaper way to get from point A to point B.

Well, we’ve been there ourselves and we had our own troublesome experiences with choosing the right travel deal, so we decided to make things a bit easier for ourselves and for you:

If you take a look to the right on this website you can find two meta search engines, one Powered by Travelgrove and other one Powered by Dohop, which sole purpose is to find the best, e.g. cheapest flights, hotels or car rental, around the world.  Please note, we’re not a travel agency, so you won’t be able to book flights, hotels or rent a car directly with us nor products from other Online Shopping Marketplace area which we promote on our website. But what you can do, is find the airline tickets or other goods, which you like to be shopping best suited for your needs and budget. Don’t take our confidence the wrong way, but we’re willing to swallow our hats if you don’t find the best deals with us in our Online Shopping Marketplace.

In same way as said above are our philosophy in same way, which you can find under each Category below:





Competition put tremendous pressure on the generic companies who seek continuously ways to reduce the time to market, build valuable loyalty of their customers and lower costs to achieve in today’s global economy. This Online Shopping Marketplace service is for your own benefits and your choice of lifestyle.

We expect to grow this marketplace area in coming months for your choice, so please be welcome again and again finding some new goods and offers. Every day we have a choice to apply our skills and abilities to overcome obstacles, grow and make the world around us a better place. That’s part of our goal.

I wish you and your families a happy online shooping and inspiration in near future.

September 2012 – A Palsson, Founder of Scandinavia – a way to go …