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Nordic Playlist – Music from the Nordic on a single playlist

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Nordic Playlist is being set up to highlight interesting and popular Nordic music at any given time

nordic playlist

The Nordic Playlist will providing a destination for Nordic music lovers searching for new sounds and will each week offer up a specially curated playlist, handpicked by your favourite artists and tastemakers.

The Nordic countries’ shared history and culture is one of the basic pillars of Nordic co-operation and increases the feeling of community and understanding between them.

The value of Nordic co-operation is reflected in their common traditions and cultural heritage, closely related languages and not least in strong education and knowledge development.

Nordic co-operation is based on cross-cultural collaboration of different groups, countries and age groups, where there is room for the emphases of everyone. The co-operation is unique in reinforcing historical and cultural connections between the countries.

Digital technology opens up a great number of opportunities for the Nordic countries, in part by reinforcing the shared experience connected with culture and language. The use of digital media is a desirable way to secure access to Nordic arts and culture and to increase public knowledge and interest.

In addition, digital technology is a major factor in presenting the common cultural heritage, and thereby strengthening the sense of Nordic community. One of the basic pillars of Nordic co-operation in digital technology, is the project – Nordic-Playlist.

What is the Nordic Playlist

The Nordic Playlist is a development project under the auspices of the export project NOMEX, which is directed by the Nordic countries’ music export offices.

The Nordic Playlist combines the use of digital technology with dissemination of Nordic music in a simple manner.

The objective of the Playlist is to promote Nordic music among residents of the Nordic countries, while also drawing attention to Nordic music, groups and individual artists within and outside the Nordic countries, and in so doing encourage increased exports of music.

On the project’s website, and through music portals on the Internet, the most interesting songs from all the Nordic countries will be available on a single playlist, which will be updated regularly, together with news of what is most popular in the individual countries.

By this means, the public can follow the Nordic music scene and easily access what is currently in the forefront of Nordic music.

While the presentation of the playlist will make it more likely to attract younger generations, it is accessible to everyone regardless of age or residence.

By utilising the latest technology, interest can be sparked in Nordic countries’ music, culture and languages, strengthening the basis of the Nordic countries as a living cultural region.

The Nordic Playlist can support Nordic culture and the creative sectors. In tandem with increased interest and a greater number of listeners, the Nordic music market can be strengthened, increasing the employment opportunities for people working in the field of music and other related sectors, which will deliver a variety of positive returns to Nordic societies.

Nordic music enjoys growing popularity outside the Nordic countries, which makes it important to take advantage of the opportunities this offers.

Objective of the Nordic Playlist:

  • To strengthen the Nordic countries as a cultural region and reinforce Nordic cohesion.
  • To facilitate access to Nordic music and strengthen the Nordic music market.
  • To promote Nordic music within and outside of the Nordic countries, and boost possibilities for export.

The project

Nordic Playlist (NPL) will provide easy access to content that reflects what is popular in the pan-Nordic region from week to week, thereby acting as an incentive for both new and tradition media outlets to give more attention to new releases, and NOMEX has already partnered up with eight local and international streaming services in preparation for its launch.

The Nordic Playlist will benefit songwriters and artists, as well as the music industry, the media, and music fans alike.

After over a year of research and development, the Nordic Playlist 1.0 was launched on January 6. 2014 as a one-year, tastemaker-led marketing campaign to find the best new Nordic music, culminating in an award show and official opening of the platform to the public in February 2015.

Further research will be conducted in 2014 to improve access to Nordic music.

They who stand behind the project

is supported by:
Music Export Denmark
Music Finland
Icelandic Music Export
Music Norway
Export Music Sweden
The Nordic Council of Ministers

Website of Nordic Playlist was launched on January 6. 2014

Providing a destination for Nordic music lovers searching for new sounds, the Nordic Playlist will each week offer up a specially curated playlist, handpicked by your favourite artists and tastemakers.

Getting things started, the Editor of the Nordic Playlist Francine Gorman, tells more about the idea behind this new platform, what you can find on the website and about the tracks that she’s selected for the first playlist.

WEEK 1 2014 – TOP 10

Nordic PlaylistTrackArtist
Video of the songs from the playlist
1No GunNaomi Pilgrim is Swedish, but owes her heritage - and a fair chunk of her life - to Barbados. In a sense, she's an artist out of place: there's the continual interplay between pop and underground, old and new, Scandinavian climate and Caribbean sunshine.
2You Never AskedNoah Kin is Helsinki born 19-year-old Finnish/Nigerian rapper and producer. Noah Kin is currently working on his third solo album set for release in the fall 2013, via Cocoa. He has opened for Wiz Khalifa and performed alongside the legendary Oakland rap group The Coup.
3Waste of Time is a Danish singer and songwriter signed to Sony Music Entertainment. Mø, whose name means "maiden" or "virgin" in Danish, has been compared to electro-pop vocalists such as Grimes, Purity Ring, and Twin Shadow.
4SupremePostiljonen is a dream pop trio formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011. The band composed of one Norwegian gal (Mia Bøe) and two Swedish dudes (Daniel Sjörs and Joel Nyström Holm). In this short period of time they have managed to create a characteristic sound, where ethereal and alluring vocals are interwoven in a mystical, ambient, dreamy and lovable expression.
5ContinuumLemaitre was started in Oslo, Norway in 2010 by Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou Lund. The duo had known each other since they were kids and have both done music in different directions most of their lives. They are influenced by acts such as Daft Punk, Röyksopp, Justice, The Strokes, Ratatat, Phoenix, Noisia and deadmau5.
6LimboSin Cos Tan is a collaboration between Juho Paalosmaa and Jori Hulkkonen in Finland, who have worked together previously, namely on Juho’s other band, Villa Nah’s debut album Origin, which Jori produced, and in return Juho made a guest appearance on Jori’s album Man From Earth of the same year.
7Candy Tongue ft. Marie FiskerTrentemøller is a Danish electronic musician from Copenhagen, Denmark. Trentemøller made his debut in 1997 together with DJ T.O.M. when they formed the first live-house act in Denmark, Trigbag, and started playing concerts all over the globe.
8Nýfallið RegnÁsgeir Trausti is Icelandic singer-songwriter, Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson, who released the Icelandic version of his début album, Dýrð í dauðaþögn (2012), under the name Ásgeir Trausti, but the international, English-language version (entitled Into The Silence) simply as Ásgeir.
9TookahEmiliana Torrini is an Icelandic singer-songwriter, best known for her 2009 single Jungle Drum, for the closing theme entitled Gollum’s Song of “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” film, and for her international debut album, Love in the Time of Science.
10Tube Stops and Lonely HeartsAnnie is the stage name of the Norwegian pop artist Anne Lilia Berge Strand. Her debut album, Anniemal, was released in 2004. Annie worked with Timo Kaukolampi (ex-Op:l Bastards), as well as Richard X, who produced and co-write the single “Chewing Gum” and the Geri Halliwell diss “Me Plus One”.

What is the Nordic Playlist, exactly?
“It’s a new way to track down artists and songs through the recommendations of people that you trust. Each week, we’ll be inviting musicians, directors, artists and tastemakers to curate a ten track list of their favourite Nordic tunes – two tracks from each country. The playlists will give a great insight into not only the taste of the curator, but also the incredible music being produced in the region, all with an aim of helping listeners to find new music to love. All you need to do is to click the play button, select the streaming service that you use, and get listening to a whole host of new music”.

Which artists have you selected for the first Nordic Playlist?
“Well, I decided to create a list which includes both new and established artists – people that have influenced the last year for me, and people that i’m hoping will soundtrack the new year. I love the Naomi Pilgrim track – she’s a really interesting new artist from Sweden by way of Barbados, who had a great year following the release of the track ‘No Gun’. Denmark’s MØ has had an incredible past 12 months, and the song I’ve included, ‘Waste of Time’ is absolutely killer. Then I’ve also picked some of my favourites such as Emiliana Torrini (her last album Tookah was astonishing), Trentemøller, who’s consistently brilliant, and one of the Nordic region’s best pop stars, Annie”.

Can you tell us about the other sections on the site? 
“There are three other sections to the site, in addition to the Nordic Playlist itself. The first is the Nordic Top 10, where you’ll find weekly updated top 10 sales/streaming charts for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden”.

“Next up is an excellent section called DJ Mixes. In this part, we invite a DJ to create an exclusive mix for the Nordic Playlist website, and to then nominate the next DJ that should take part. We’ve kicked this off with an exceptional mix from Copenhagen’s Kasper Bjørke which you can hear in the DJ Mix section now”.

“Finally, we have the Up and Coming section where we shine a spotlight on new artists that we’re really excited about, and that we think our visitors will like a lot too”.

What does the rest of the year look like for the Nordic Playlist?
“52 curators, 52 hand-picked playlists to enjoy, a wealth of new music and some parties along the way!”

You can find the Nordic Playlist from here:

Join the Nordic Playlist on Facebook and Twitter to keep on top of all of the site’s news:

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