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Iceland enchanted Prince Harry for his trek to the South Pole

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Rumors are flying that Prince Harry of Wales is engaged to his 2013 girlfriend, Cressida Bonas


Prince Harry has been introduced to Cressida Bonas’ extended family, according to reports, in another sign things are getting increasingly serious between him and his 24-year-old girlfriend.

Britain’s Prince Harry will reportedly propose to his girlfriend under the Northern Lights in Iceland, Huffington Post reports.

The 29-year-old royal has been dating Cressida Bonas, 24, since May 2012, when they were introduced by his cousin Princess Eugenie.

There has been extensive speculation that he is planning to pop the question, with claims he has now decided on how he will mark the special occasion.

Harry’s been training in Iceland for his walk to the South Pole next Sunday, November 17.  and has fallen in love with the country. He wants to propose somewhere close to his heart and he wants to take Cressida to the famous Ice Hotel [editor’s note: there is no such hotel in Iceland] and then pop the question under the Northern Lights. He knows she’ll love this“, an insider told British magazine Heat.

Although Harry and Cressida have been together for a while, they largely fly under the radar. This is said to be because she has struggled to adapt to being thrust into the spotlight.

The prince is thought to have been ready to propose for some time, but wanted to make sure he wasn’t pushing Cressida into public life.

Harry’s love life has always made headlines, but she’s struggled with the limelight. The big advantage of sneaking off is that they can truly be alone“, the source added.

Harry wants to take her away around Christmas time. Probably before New Year“. If he travel to Iceland this can awaits him as you can see in the video below.

Stian Rekdal Photographer and crew spent three weeks last September wandering around Iceland, taking pictures with Nikon cameras and lenses, then using LRTimelapse, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe After Effects for all the post-production stuff.


In September it was reported that Harry and Cressida had discussed becoming engaged with their respective families.

Harry’s brother Prince William gave his now-wife Catherine a few months to decide if she was ready to accept his marriage proposal before they officially announced it in 2010 and Harry is said to be following in his brother sibling’s footsteps.

Northern Lights City Break (4 days/3 nights)

If you, as Prince Harry rumors are flying, want to discover Iceland over the winter period, then you can enjoy a mysterious and adventurous winter weekend-break in Reykjavík.

The winter in Iceland is great for exploring the dancing Northern Lights, the natural wonders surrounding the city in their gracious winter coats, and for soaking in the hot waters of the Blue Lagoon under the crisp sky.

According the Aurora forecast in Iceland this winter, an amazing clear view will be for the Northen Lights plus it is expected a very clear Comet ISON as I know Prince Harry will love, will be seen from sky from late October into January 2014.

I understand Prince Harry 100 hundred procent why he want choose Iceland for his propose to his girlfriend under the amazing Northern Lights. An amazing romantic moment that you also never will forget!

Day 1: Arrival in the Capital of the North

On arrival at Keflavík Airport, you’ll be met by your private chauffeur and transferred to Reykjavik. Check into your hotel and relax after the journey. The rest of the day is open to explore Reykjavik, visit museums, landmarks and such, and ideal to unwind at one of the cosy thermal baths & spas. This small city is ideal to explore on foot as most attractions are easily within walking range of your hotel. Spend the night in Reykjavik.

Day 2: Reykjavík Sightseeing and a Quest for the Northern Lights

After breakfast at the hotel, you will enjoy a Greater Area Reykjavík Sightseeing Tour. This guided tour includes the most significant places in the capital and some surrounding towns, such as the Presidential Residence at Bessastaðir, Perlan, church Hallgrímskirkja and Hafnafjörður the town where the “hidden people” and humans live together in harmony. Tonight, if weather conditions allow, you will be taken for a tour on a hunt for the magnificent northern lights – also known as Aurora Borealis*.

* Please note that the northern lights are a natural phenomenon and sightings cannot be guaranteed.


Day 3: Geysir, Golden Waterfall and Þingvellir National Park

We will take you on an afternoon tour, taking in some of the best-known natural phenomena in Iceland including Þingvellir National Park, the waterfall Gullfoss and the great Geysir area. This six-hour tour is one of the most popular tours in Iceland.


Day 4: The Blue Lagoon and Departure

Revitalize your mind, body, and spirit the Icelandic way! Begin the day with a relaxing visit to Iceland’s treasured Blue Lagoon, a natural geothermal spa renowned for its therapeutic, mineral-rich waters surrounded by moon-like landscape. After a relaxing soak, you will be ready for check-in at Keflavik Airport. (Note: If your flight is in the morning, we’ll change your travel itinerary accordingly).


From Reykjavik, capital of Iceland

The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik or ‘Steamy Cove’, named after its geothermal location, is a vibrant city with a lively culture and fun-filled nightlife, not to mention the oldest Parliament - the Althingi - in the world.

With a relatively small population of 200,000 people living in the Greater Reykjavik area (2/3 of the country’s total population),

From Hallgrímskirkja of Reykjavik city

Presiding majestically over the capital area is Hallgrímskirkja - the crowning landmark and star attraction of Reykjavík city.

Its iconic tower rises symmetrically and incrementally to a magnificent 74.5m peak and stands powerfully erect atop the rising heights of Skólavörðustígur – arguably one of the city’s most attractive locations.

Not only a significant point of reference for visitors to Reykjavík, but also an exceptional observation tower offering incredible panoramic views across the whole of the city.

Bessastaðir is today the official residence of the President of Iceland

Bessastaðir is today the official residence of the President of Iceland and is situated on Garðabær, not far from the capital city, Reykjavík.

The history of Bessastaðir has been closely associated with the history of Iceland since the times of the settlement in the 9th century AD.

Archeological excavations have shown that the first inhabitants of Bessastaðir settled there before AD 1000, and ever since the site has been inhabited.

From Höfði House in Reykjavik city

Höfði is a house in northern Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland, built in 1909.

Initially, it was built for the French consul Jean-Paul Brillouin in Iceland and was the exclusive residence of poet and businessman Einar Benediktsson (1864-1940) for many years.

It is best known as the location for the 1986 Reykjavík Summit meeting of presidents Ronald Reagan of the United States and Mikhail Gorbachev of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. That effectively was a step to the end of the Cold War.

From Hafnarfjörður harbour

The Christmas Village of Hafnarfjörður offers a wide selection of gifts, Christmas decorations and delicious foodstuffs. Live musical and theatrical performances are on the program, as well as the opportunity to meet Grýla the ogress who is the mother of Iceland’s very own Yule Lads, who are the Icelandic version of Santa Claus. They bring gifts to good children for the thirteen nights preceding Christmas Day.

For gift shopping, Hafnarfjörður has a variety of shops, conveniently located in the compact center of the town, and a selection of excellent restaurants and cafés.
Þingvellir National Park

From Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir was declared a national park in 1930. A law was passed designating Þingvellir as “a protected national shrine for all Icelanders, the perpetual property of the Icelandic nation under the preservation of parliament, never to be sold or mortgaged.”

Þingvellir has been the site of many special moments in history. The Icelandic parliament, The Althingi, was established here around 930 AD and on 17 June 1944, Icelanders celebrated their independence from Denmark in Þingvellir.
Gullfoss waterfall

From Gullfoss or the ‘Golden Waterfall’

Gullfoss, or the ‘Golden Waterfall’, is a breathtaking two-tiered waterfall that drops 32 metres into a narrow canyon 70 metres deep and 2.5 kilometres long. From the car park there’s a footpath leading to a viewing platform where you can experience the waterfall in all its glory.

Standing above the falls is a stone memorial to Sigríður Tómasdóttir, who, a number of years ago, threatened to throw herself into the falls in protest against foreign investors who wanted to buy the waterfalls and use them as a power supply.
Geysir area

From Geysir area

The word ‘geyser’, meaning a hot spring of water and steam, is a derivation of the hot spring, ‘Geysir’ which is located in the Haukadalur valley, a few kilometres from Gullfoss. It was first mentioned in Icelandic literature in 1294 when the valley was hit by a series of strong earthquakes and a devastating eruption of Mount Hekla.

Geysir had been dormant for many years but on the 17 June 2000, Iceland’s Independence Day, a series of earthquakes hit the south of Iceland and since then, Geysir has been erupting almost daily and sometimes several times each day.
Blue Lagoon

From Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is probably Iceland’s most famous landmark and certainly a must-see for all visitors.

This therapeutic pool of warm and mineral rich geothermal water is carved out of the Svartsengi lava field, its beautiful blue colour coming from light refracting microorganisms that thrive in the unusual ecosystem.
What´s on in Reykjavik:Here can you check out events in Reykjavik, Iceland.

If you get lucky, you will see and enjoy the amazing Northern Lights as it was filmed in Reykjanes peninsula last year by Snorri Gunnarsson of A moment you never will forget. Please enjoy the video below.


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It is always a lovely period in Scandinavia when you can smell the Christmas coming behind the corner, specially in Scandinavian capitals and their beautiful parks.


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