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Nordic candidates participate for the Eurovision Final

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The 2013 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final take place next Saturday May 18. in Malmö Sweden


The Icelandic group celebrated sincerely with others who went on the stage at the end of the broadcast of Semi-Final 2, tonight.

Wow, what a fantastic show tonight – Thank you Malmö. It happened after the second final in Malmö, this evening, that all the Nordic countries will participate in the Grand Final next Saturday. Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway made it. Sweden as a host of this contest, is self-elected to participate.

Eurovision Song Contest is one of Europe’s favorite TV show. After more than five decades featuring some 1,100 songs, the contest has become a modern classic, strongly embedded into Europe’s collective mind.

The framework of the Swedish host are exemplary. The Swedish public broadcaster, SVT, is taking care of the production, in close cooperation with the EBU and over 40 participating Member Broadcasters from across Europe. You are doing a great job, guys.

After two semi-finals, we can now reveal the running order for the Grand Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place this Saturday in Malmö, Sweden.

The running order was determined by the producers of show (SVT) and approved by the EBU Executive Supervisor, Jon Ola Sand and the Reference Group. You can see the list from here.

The Eurovision press conference

Let us hear what the artists said at a press conference after their participation. Two representatives from each of the ten qualifying delegations answered the questions of the press at the Malmö Arena in a joint press conference. In addition to that, each country had to draw whether they will perform in the first or second half of the Grand Final.


The Danish Artist: Emmelie de Forest

DenmarkArtist: Emmelie de Forest
The first question was for the Danish delegation, and Emmelie de Forest was asked if she felt pressure tonight. “I’m so happy and the audience was awesome,” she said. She was asked if she believed in victory: “I believe in my song, I love the melody and the message. And for now I am just happy that I made it to the Final.” How many questions she got about not wearing shoes on stage was the next question. “I didn’t make it up for Eurovision, I just feel natural without wearing shoes”, Emmelie explained. Denmark was drawn to perform in the second part of the Final.


The Finish Artist: Krista Siegfrids

Finland – Artist: Krista Siegfrids
Next was the delegation from Finland. “I was really happy and I am so proud of my Ding Dong girls, and I felt so happy. And the kiss? Yeah, she is a good kisser”, Krista Siegfrieds first summarised her feelings. “I hope my album will be released all over Europe, at least you can get it online. Lordi? I hope we can beat them. We have the pyros, we have the outfit”, she commented on her album and her chances of winning. She was also asked if her boyfriend had already proposed to her: “I haven’t checked my phone yet but if he hasn’t proposed yet, I will marry someone else around here.” Finland was drawn to perform in the first half of the Grand Final.


The Icelandic Artist: Eythor Ingi Gunnlaugsson

IcelandArtist: Eythor Ingi Gunnlaugsson
The Icelandic delegation was next to answer the questions of the press. “I’m so thankful to be able to do it once again, and I’ll try to do it even better”, Eythor Ingi first stated. “I was pretty relaxed because I had great people all around me, my team, and also the Swedish production was great”, he described his feelings on stage, and he thanked the citizens of his home town in Iceland. Iceland was drawn to perform in the second half of the Grand Final.


The Norwegian Artist: Margaret Berger

NorwayArtist: Margaret Berger
“I am happy that now I can go back to Norway with my head up high”, was Margaret Berger’s first statement. On her similarities to Lady Gaga, she stated: “If you go on youtube and watch my videos from 2006, I’d rather say that Lady Gaga looks like me.” It’s Norway’s national holiday today, on which Margaret stated: “I have a really nice dress that’s red, white and blue, and I’ll wear it a while and have a glass of champagne.” “I was not expecting it, there was a real explosion going on inside my head when Norway was announced. I never take anything for granted”, she described her feelings. Norway was drawn to perform in the second half of the Grand Final.

From here can you listen to all the songs competing on next Saturday – from the YouTube-list.

If you want further information about the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 please visit their official website at:


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